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Conzilla 2.2.4 released

Two bug fixes:

  • Non-ASCII URIs could not be properly published to Collaborilla (this bug made this quick bug fix release necessary)
  • The reload button did not take the threaded/unthreaded setting into consideration

As usual, Conzilla should update itself through Java Web Start. Have fun.

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Hiking at Lake Ohrid

I uploaded the GPS track of our hiking trip to Google Maps, and also geotagged my pictures at flickr.

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No swimming after eating?

Because we just talked about it during lunch: The Claim: Never Swim After Eating.

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Aggregation of Summer School feeds

I played around with Yahoo! Pipes and created an aggregating feed of all Summer School blog posts which have been registered at Pageflakes earlier this week.

Subscribe to it using your favorite feed reader:

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Excursion to St. Naum

I just uploaded the GPS track points of our excursion to St. Naum to Google Maps. Obviously we crossed the border to Albania.

You can load this map in Google Earth as well; you can download the KML data for doing this.

I also geotagged my pictures, they are aligned on a map at flickr.

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Stoppa FRA lagen nu!

Stoppa FRA lagen nu!


Den 17 juni röstar Sveriges riksdag om att införa allmän avlyssning av alla svenska medborgare. Försvarets Radioanstalt (FRA) ges i uppdrag att avlyssna all kabelburen kommunikation som passerar Sveriges gränser.

Nästan all kommunikation, även inom Sverige, passerar idag gränsen och kommer därmed att avlyssnas. E-post, sms, webbtrafik, chattar och mobil- och telefonsamtal, allt analyseras.

Ingen domstol är inblandad. Ingen brottsmisstanke krävs. Alla behandlas som misstänkta.

Även regering och myndigheter ges befogenhet att söka i den privata kommunikationen. Lagen öppnar för nya, godtyckliga användningsområden. Materialet kan dessutom lätt missbrukas eller hamna i fel händer.

Källskydd och meddelarfrihet blir tomma ord när varje kontakt med media kan vara avlyssnad.

Avlyssningen ska skydda mot odefinierade ”yttre hot”. I själva verket utgör den nya lagen i sig ett allvarligt hot mot det öppna och fria samhället.

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Conzilla 2.2.3 released

This is a maintenance release, fixing the following bugs:

  • “Contexts” context menu was disabled when clicking for the first time
  • Shortcut and menu for closing a tab/context-map did not work
  • “Window”-view could not be closed via X-button in the window frame
  • “Save” button was always enabled
  • HTTP implementation of RemoteStorage did not timeout properly
  • Multithreaded loading of maps caused problems; it is optional now and deactivated it by default
  • Sindice client did not time out
  • Metadata popup sometimes showed up beneath map elements
  • Added menu to manually clear the container and metadata caches
  • Content URLs did not open in a browser on newer MacOS systems

Conzilla 2.2 requires a Java Runtime Environment in version 1.5 or newer and can be installed via the download page. If you already have an installation of Conzilla 2.1 it should be sufficient to launch Conzilla via the shortcuts. Java Web Start will then take care of the upgrade.

If you have comments or suggestions you can send them directly to the Conzilla mailing lists.

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