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Sarek at Wild Wonders of Europe

The photographer Peter Cairns writes about his experiences in Sarek at Wild Wonders of Europe.

He obviously experienced the same phenomenon as I did, as he writes

To be honest, it was one of those places that to the eye, looked fantastic but that never quite translated into images.


Sarek was nothing short of an adventure: a roller coaster of fortunes and emotions and an experience that I’ll never forget. In many ways, trying to convey the majesty of such a place in photographs is fruitless and an insult to Sarek’s ecological complexity.

I could not agree more. It is highly unsatisfactory to show own pictures or to describe Sarek in words. I’m just lacking appropriate descriptive vocabulary (even in my mother tongue) in order to impart my impressions.

Experience Sarek yourself and you will see what I am talking about.

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