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Sarek at Wild Wonders of Europe

The photographer Peter Cairns writes about his experiences in Sarek at Wild Wonders of Europe.

He obviously experienced the same phenomenon as I did, as he writes

To be honest, it was one of those places that to the eye, looked fantastic but that never quite translated into images.


Sarek was nothing short of an adventure: a roller coaster of fortunes and emotions and an experience that I’ll never forget. In many ways, trying to convey the majesty of such a place in photographs is fruitless and an insult to Sarek’s ecological complexity.

I could not agree more. It is highly unsatisfactory to show own pictures or to describe Sarek in words. I’m just lacking appropriate descriptive vocabulary (even in my mother tongue) in order to impart my impressions.

Experience Sarek yourself and you will see what I am talking about.

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Sarek pictures online

The pictures from our trekking tour through Sarek last week are online now, check the set out at flickr. I geotagged most of them using my GPS device, so there is also a map.

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Stoppa FRA lagen nu!

Stoppa FRA lagen nu!


Den 17 juni röstar Sveriges riksdag om att införa allmän avlyssning av alla svenska medborgare. Försvarets Radioanstalt (FRA) ges i uppdrag att avlyssna all kabelburen kommunikation som passerar Sveriges gränser.

Nästan all kommunikation, även inom Sverige, passerar idag gränsen och kommer därmed att avlyssnas. E-post, sms, webbtrafik, chattar och mobil- och telefonsamtal, allt analyseras.

Ingen domstol är inblandad. Ingen brottsmisstanke krävs. Alla behandlas som misstänkta.

Även regering och myndigheter ges befogenhet att söka i den privata kommunikationen. Lagen öppnar för nya, godtyckliga användningsområden. Materialet kan dessutom lätt missbrukas eller hamna i fel händer.

Källskydd och meddelarfrihet blir tomma ord när varje kontakt med media kan vara avlyssnad.

Avlyssningen ska skydda mot odefinierade ”yttre hot”. I själva verket utgör den nya lagen i sig ett allvarligt hot mot det öppna och fria samhället.

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Undesirable: Non-swedish customers

Today I tried to get a contract for a 3G data subscription. Since the mobile operator does not have any stores itself , I went to one of the biggest resellers here in Sweden. The details were discussed, the data card was stocked and the contract was ready to sign. Then they asked for a swedish ID-card, which I don’t have. An austrian passport should be enough, we are talking about the European Union after all. I explained that this shouldn’t be a problem since I already am customer at the very same operator. I also have a swedish civic registration number (“personnumer”, the wet dream of every data-miner; every person in Sweden is relatable to a unique number consisting of birth date + 4 digits) which is basically required for everyday life here in Sweden. You can’t even get a newspaper subscription without it.

Anyway, having such a number, living and working in Sweden, and being a citizen of the EU is obviously not enough. They told me that I just can’t get a contract, because I’m not swedish. And Pulling away the modem from the desk and making a step back is a pretty weird message to the (potential) customer as well. Well, apart from the fact that I already have a contract (how did that happen?), I just don’t think that such a behavior is legal. I don’t know exactly who’s fault it is, my guess is that the reseller has a problem with his policy. Perhaps DO (“The Ombudsman against Ethnic Discrimination”, which also includes restrictions related to the citizenship) can help them to improve their legal performance. A complaint is on its way.

I will order the package (contract plus modem) which I intended to buy directly via the operator’s website. The civic number is enough, nobody cares about citizenships there. Good old Internet. The reseller will never see me again.

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