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Undesirable: Non-swedish customers

Today I tried to get a contract for a 3G data subscription. Since the mobile operator does not have any stores itself , I went to one of the biggest resellers here in Sweden. The details were discussed, the data card was stocked and the contract was ready to sign. Then they asked for a swedish ID-card, which I don’t have. An austrian passport should be enough, we are talking about the European Union after all. I explained that this shouldn’t be a problem since I already am customer at the very same operator. I also have a swedish civic registration number (“personnumer”, the wet dream of every data-miner; every person in Sweden is relatable to a unique number consisting of birth date + 4 digits) which is basically required for everyday life here in Sweden. You can’t even get a newspaper subscription without it.

Anyway, having such a number, living and working in Sweden, and being a citizen of the EU is obviously not enough. They told me that I just can’t get a contract, because I’m not swedish. And Pulling away the modem from the desk and making a step back is a pretty weird message to the (potential) customer as well. Well, apart from the fact that I already have a contract (how did that happen?), I just don’t think that such a behavior is legal. I don’t know exactly who’s fault it is, my guess is that the reseller has a problem with his policy. Perhaps DO (“The Ombudsman against Ethnic Discrimination”, which also includes restrictions related to the citizenship) can help them to improve their legal performance. A complaint is on its way.

I will order the package (contract plus modem) which I intended to buy directly via the operator’s website. The civic number is enough, nobody cares about citizenships there. Good old Internet. The reseller will never see me again.

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