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Gmail’s IMAP, flags and message threads

Just tried the newly released Gmail IMAP with the Thunderbird mail client. I’m pretty happy with it (I only had 60MB mail space before I transferred everything to my Gmail account), but…

  • There is no support for the “answered” flag (or similar ones like “forwarded”) yet. This means that I don’t see small indicators that are telling me whether I replied to or forwarded a message. I hope this feature will be added soon. Google has a list of all unsupported IMAP features.
  • I want to see my own replies in message threads. When I reply to a message, I usually send a BCC to myself (this is done automatically on most mailing lists) to make sure that I know what I was writing about even if I’m not correctly quoted. The weird thing is that this works very well in the web interface (I do see my own replies), but not in IMAP (my own replies are not shown; I’m using the same folder/label as in the web interface). Does anybody have an explanation for this?

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